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SLEITI Reports

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SLEITI Reports

The EITI 2012 Report  was due to have been published against December 2014. As a result of the Ebola outbreak, the EITI Secretariat granted the SLEITI MSG an open ended extension to publish it. BDO, a local Auditing firm produced the report for SLEITI MSG. 

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Title Created Date Download
2015 EITI Report (99 Downloads) 10-19-2018 Download (015 sleiti reportpdf, 2.7 MB)
2012 EITI Report (115 Downloads) 10-02-2017 Download (pdf, 1.56 MB)
EITI Value Chain Analysis Sierra Leone (123 Downloads) 12-07-2016 Download (pdf, 1.15 MB)
SLEITI Reconciliation Report (2008-2010) (100 Downloads) 12-07-2016 Download (pdf, 4.73 MB)
SLEITI Supplementary Report (2013) (116 Downloads) 12-07-2016 Download (pdf, 2.12 MB)


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