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SLEITI MSG and MDAs received training on Beneficial Ownership Disclosure

The EITI International Secretariat has concluded a two Beneficial Ownership and report self-assessment workshop with SLEITI MSG and representatives from MDAs including mining companies. The two day workshop which ran from 7-8 November 2016 at the Buxton Church Hall was led by Pablo Valverde and Ines, both from the EITI International Secretariat.

The team looked at several key issues on Beneficial Ownership Disclosure ranging from existing legislation in Sierra Loene, approaches in developing a beneficial Ownership road map, global Update on EITI and zeroing on SLEITI Governance Structure and 2014 inception report.

The Opening attracted several high profile government officials including the Chief of Staff and SLEITI Chair, Saidu Conton Sesay, and Hon. Amadu Kanu, Chairman, Parliamentary Committee on Mines and Mineral Resources.

In his key note statement, the Chief of Staff welcomed the delegation from the EITI International Secretariat noting that the SLEITI MSG appreciates their commitment towards providing technical support for the two day workshop ahead of SLEITI’s validation in 2017.

The Chief of Staff said the government is committed to implementing the EITI 2016 Standard adding that Beneficial Ownership Disclosure is topical and therefore requires wider consultations with key stakeholders involved in the sector.

Speaking on the timeline against which the roadmap should be published, the Chief Staff called on all government agencies and ministries involved to undertake the process through a multi-stakeholder approach rather than from an individual stand point view. He said finalizing the document will increase the country’s rating on transparency.